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7 Golf courses for the best stress release

Golf is considered to be the sport of Millionaires but did you know it is the 8th most popular sport in the world.

450 Million players globally!

For those who do not know Golf is a very technical sport.

It’s not like a traditional sports where endurance and quick reflexes are needed.

Golf is precision and patience. 

A flawless technique, mastering of one’s body and the brain power needed to keep it all together to execute the perfect shot is a challenge for strong men.

Golf is also about finesse while mixing complex calculations for shots that vary over different obstacles.

This state of Zen that a mastering of golf produces can be compared to the mastery of Yoga.

Golf is an excellent stress reducer.

Here we will examine 7 Golf Courses from around the world that we guarantee will reduce your stress and free your mind from all the problems you may have.

Who knows, maybe you will solve those problems while teeing off in one of these Golf Courses.

7. Aphrodite Hills Golf Course & Golf Resort, Kouklia, Cyprus

The perfect mix of challenging pot bunkers, manicured fairways of lush Bermuda grass and generous tiered greens.

It is recommended to use a golf cart because of the distance between holes but why waste the chance to burn 1000 calories.

A breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, clean crisp air and a slightly challenging course gives you a new exciting adventure to conquer.

And don’t worry the location is also a Golf Resort and Spa so your wife can stay busy while you play uninterrupted.

6. Kawana Hotel, Fuji, Japan

This golf course is the Japanese answer to Pebble beach, CA. It was handcrafted by C.H. Alison in 1936 and has all the features of “The world’s best golf course.”

Beyond the hot springs of Ito amongst the undulating hills on a pine covered plateau with stunning red cliffs that peer out to the Pacific Ocean you will find this treasure.

The snow capped Mt. Fuji appears as an obscured giant in the distance adding to the thrill.

The golf course is rated as challenging with deep and extremely challenging “Alison bunkers.”

This is a Bucket list adventure.


Somebody say Safari on your Golf Course!!

Some Golfers have complained about concentration problems at the 13th hole. The majestic crocodile river is truly a sight to be seen. Hippos snorting and crocodiles trolling along, Elephants and Zebras coming to drink water.

Leopard Creek golf course provides a fantastic challenge with a dangerous atmosphere. The 505-meter Par 5 13th will be one of your greatest achievements. To conquer this journey you truly need to be King.

4. The Blackstone Course, Mission Hills Haikou, China

Mission Hills holds the Guinness Book of world records for the largest golf facility in the world!

22 Courses that span in two different locations reinvent how we look at golf.

Located in the tropical island Hainan and carved out of volcanic rock this golf course offers a variety of competition class holes.

Recently voted Asia Pacific Golf Resort of the Year by the world’s leading tourism organization, IAGTO.

And don’t worry if you have a family or a wife. The golf resort has a water park and a Spa.

Riviera Maya golf course

Cancun + Golf = Stress Release

El Camaleon golf course features one of the most amazing layouts in the world. A mixture of multiple ecosystems: A thick tropical Mayan jungle, mangroves, and a blue caribbean coastline.

Designed by golfing legend Greg Norman the golf course has several natural subterranean wells, canals and lagoons.

Short holes along the natural dune ridges on the 7th and 15th are played on the coastline where the caribbean sea breeze test your every skill.



It is a challenging 5,038 yard, par 68/65 course with spectacular views to Loch Linnhe and the Munros to the north.

This little 9 hole golf course is what golfing is all about. A perfect challenge filled with beautiful landscape, mountains and romantic riverbeds for best after hike golf experience.

This is truly a hidden gem in Scotland.

This 39 hectares facility was built by American servicemen during their occupation of the North West peninsula in World War II. The facility was built mainly as place for enjoyment and recreation for the expatriates.

The golf course features an easy 9 hole course with small obstacles, perfect for recreation and mastering the craft.

The early morning air feels thick in the nostrils and smells strong of nature. Nestle inbetween beautiful hills with the sea 10 minutes away on both sides this is surely a tropical paradise.

In the distant hill side a small stream of water can be seen falling. 

There are few places on this planet that provides this type of serenity and peace.

I can see why the World War II soldiers built this golf course. It took their mind away from everything!

The End

We at the Flyers Club are proud to present to you our choices of the best golf courses for stress release. If you think we missed anything or you would like to contribute to our international golfing community feel free.

We strive to find the most helpful travelers who share a passion for golf.

Join us!

Cheers from the Flyers Club International Community.


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