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The Best Skiing Resorts USA will be a beautiful memory

Do you love to Ski? Or are you looking for winter vacation ideas?

Is Skiing on your bucket list of adventures before you die?

I have some really bad news for you…..

Many skiing resorts have faced a dramatic decline in the number of days spent below freezing which adversely causes a shorter more expensive Ski season.

Snowmaking machines are now an asset in the fight to keep some of the luxury ski resorts opening on time without any delays because of low snowfall.

Global warming and extreme variations in weather is slowly destroying the skiing season all over the world making it harder for beginners because more snowfall is found at higher elevations.

Steeper slopes and higher altitudes is not for everyone.

But fear not as the best skiing resorts USA have become pioneers in global adoption of green technology.

Solar powered lifts & snowmaking machines. 

There is still some time left for you to enjoy the best ski resorts in the world.

Do you want to make some unforgettable memories in the snow?

Let’s dive in


Ski beginners best resorts

Ski beginners best resorts will feature lower altitude mountains, easy slopes, not so dreadfully cold weather and a easy learning environment.

The two biggest fears for new skiers are the lifts and learning to ski infront others. The fear of steep slopes and legs of jelly are easily broken by the orgasmic adrenaline rush you will feel.

Yes, you are going to fall. Yes, you will feel afraid and you may even wanna chicken out and stay back at the lodge.

Don’t worry The Flyers Club got you covered.

We looked for the friendliest Resorts with the best ski instructors for groups, families or yourself.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

steamboat springs
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Steamboat Springs hails to have the fluffiest and softest snow in the world. Perfect to cushion your fall newbie!

This is a Cowboy town so expect the Wild West hospitality: bars, rodeo and fun.

Steamboat is home to the largest number of Winter Olympians in history. The community boast of more than 500 world-class skiing and snowboarding instructors. 

The Flyers Club has chosen Steamboat as the #1 Best ski resort for beginners because it has over 10 types of lessons for kids and teenagers ranging from 2 – 17 years old. Adult beginners enjoy lessons catered for children making it easy to learn.

There are beginner only ski terrains, slow zones and a dedicated basin for the kids.

Did I mention kids under 12 rent free equipment!

They also have a Kids Vacation Care Center for under 6 years old so you can have the mountain or hot springs or Romance to yourself.

Steamboat doesn’t have the Aspen or Vail crowds and features 2,900 acres of ski terrority, it’s own mountain range with 6 peaks and guess what’s the best part?

It’s almost fully pedestrianized!

The mountain altitude ranges between 2100M – 3200M and provides over 165 trails.

Beginners, Intermediates and Experts all have their own runs so you don’t have to worry about being a problem for someone else.

When your tired of skiing, head down to the town to enjoy over 250 shops, over 100 bars and restaurants, art galleries and Hot springs!!!

The best time to visit is from January to March and even if there isn’t a lot of snowfall. There is 375 acres of artificial snowmaking so you can still get your skiing on!!!

Single beginners, groups of beginners or a family of beginners enjoy adaptive learning because the learning needs of kids and adults are very different, terrain shaping technology for extra gentle slopes: incline, decline and wide easy turns and I did mention the Hot Springs.

Heavenly, California 

heavenly california
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Lake Tahoe in its entirety features over 20,000 acres of skiing and some of the greatest views on earth: contrasting mountains, lake and the Nevada desert.

Heavenly is the most famous area for skiing and is one of the largest single ski locations in the USA with 4,800 acres. It is the best overall destination because it offers beginner, intermediate and expert runs all while you are very close to town.

Lake Tahoe is a mix of Las Vegas and California. On one side there is casinos, huge clubs, Las Vegas style shows and 24/7 drinking. The Cali side is quieter, more relaxed with drinking finishing at 1:00AM.

Group Skiing holidays are perfect at Heavenly. Lake Tahoe Skiing terrain is 20% beginner, 46% intermediate and 34% expert runs.

There are daycare centers and ski schools for toddlers so you can bring the family along.

There is a great abundance of pine trees, a 15 acre beginner only area and a kids only area, ski off cliffs or chutes or dodge through trees if you are an expert but if you are a beginner there are soft inclines and slow turns also.

The ski schools are also top notch and cater to newbies.

Okemo, Vermont

Okemo vermont
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If you think you’ve missed the Ski Season guess again!

The best time to Ski in Vermont is March. Okemo sees over 44 inches of Snowfall with added snowmaking technology all over the mountain creating the perfect destination with an abundance of snow.

The skiing is almost even with 1/3 beginner, 1/3 intermediate and 1/3 Expert which makes Okemo mountain suitable for every type of Skier.

The mountain and village are family run so it is well catered for families.

The Ski schools are one of a kind and complements the easy mountain in which you get to learn to ski. Slopes are never too steep and you may find yourself on the Expert runs because they are gentle(ish).

Ice hockey, mountain coaster, snow tubing, bars and great food makes this a great beginner or family ski destination.

Best Skiing Resorts in Colorado for the braver folks

Colorado features more intermediate and advance runs because of the sheer size, height and many peaks found in the Rockies. 

The best skiing resorts in Colorado are very luxurious, the mountain terrains are intimidating, there are crowds of intermediate skiers but lo and behold this is why Colorado is the best ski vacation for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Vail mountain resort colorado

Vail, Colorado

Vail mountain
Click the picture for the cheapest price @ The Lodge at Vail a RockResort

Ski Biking!!

I would have never guessed.

Vail is the second largest ski area in the USA. There is terrain to cater to the needs of any skier in the world.

The ski school instructors consider themselves ambassadors of the mountain, making your learning experience a sightseeing adventure.

Vail has a European design to give you that Swiss Alps feel.

Vail is one of the most famous places in the world for ski resorts because they not only provide the best family skiing in the USA but also provide an abundance of other off mountain activities.

Adventure ridge has snow tubing, snowmobiling or ski biking!!

There are Spas and Wellness Centers. Bars and amazing food.

Bowling!!! Winter Fly Fishing!!

If you dream of the perfect Ski vacation Vail is it.


Beginner Ski Tips : Tips for beginners skiing

Skiing is said to take a lifetime to perfect and learning can be challenging to some even deterring them from skiing. I hope these beginner ski tips help you along your journey.

  1. Warm up like any other sport. Jumping jacks, a little jog and some stretches.
  2. Wear the right clothes. It’s not a jeans day outside kinda thing.
  3. Bend your knees. Have you ever rode a bicycle and stood on your pedals to absorb the shock from a pothole or riding over something. It’s just like that but for the whole journey.
  4. Don’t be afraid of falling. Lucky you snow is soft. I want you to go side first or Flat on your back. Don’t use your hands to brace the impact. Snow is soft and more of your body land on it, the more cushion you get.
  5. Use beginner only terrain and slow zones. This is a patience game to get your balance just right, turning and slowing down.
  6. Learn to stop first! Learn to get up and learn wide turns.
  7. Do not look down at your feet. You need to keep your head up and torso in the direction you want to go. It is recommended to keep your eyes about 10 ft infront of you at all times to maintain a good balance.
  8. Stay evenly balanced on both skis. It will take some practice to find your sweet spot but skiing can be exhausting when done wrong. You want to avoid leaning back. Your shoulders need to be pointing downhill in the direction you are going.
  9. Get at least 1 lesson from a professional and not someone you know. This is a sport. This is ego. Friends and family will not help your ego.
  10. Hand positioning and wrist movements are important. Elbows need to be tucked in and forearms raised almost to 80 degrees. Not a full 90. Practice moving your poles with your wrist. Arms are never to move erratically.
  11. Warm down and stretch after skiing. You will use muscles you never thought you had.

These are the best tips for beginners skiing that I can come up with. Please share your advice with our Ski community right here within the Flyers Club. It will be greatly appreciated.

What to wear to ski

Technically it’s’ not what to wear to ski but what to wear to keep you warm and dry and it’s typically the same as any cold weather.

Three layers of protection are the normal trend unless you need four. It’s up to how comfortable you want to feel.

1. The base layer is skin tight and designed to absorb sweat or “wick away” moisture from the body. It is referred to as thermal underwear and should be silk or a polyester-spandex blend. Look for socks also.

2. The second layer is designed to keep you warm. Fleece jacket, woollen jumpers or synthetic jackets made to keep you warm. It is an individual preference so wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.

3. The outer layer must be waterproof and wind-resistant. The outer layer must also be breathable to allow moisture out. Snow pants and jacket. Look for nylon, micro-fibers or a nylon polyester blend.

You need gloves suited for the cold and snow. Lip balm and Sunscreen. The UV tends to be high so don’t be fooled.

A properly fitted snow boots. Any loose boots tend to cause complications in the learning process for beginner skiers.

Optional things are scarves, hats and earmuffs.

We recommend renting equipment because it takes some time to understand what you like best. This is the cheaper alternative than buying something you don’t like.


We at the Flyers Club are pro climate change and all for green technology and is proud to give you our choices for the best skiing resorts usa for beginners, intermediates or Experts looking for a vacation from another country.

These resorts and locations go above and beyond in the efforts against global warming.

We hope our tips help beginner skiers excel at the sport and enjoy it to the fullest.

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