Doomsday survival

Doomsday Survival: How to keep your family Alive

We are all scared of that day catastrophe strikes. You could be 30 stories high in a office working 8-5 when suddenly, all the lights go out, your phone stops working and then the pandemonium begins…..

Imagine you are on vacation and a deadly earthquake rips the ground open, followed by a monstrous tsunami destroying the coast. If you survived how long can you stay alive? How Long can you keep your family alive when there is no help, no medication, no food or shelter?

What if a deadly plague wipes out 3/4 of the world’s population in 14 days? Heard of Ebola? Maybe a super H1N1 mixed with Malaria and a little sprinkle of the Black Death plague.

A computer hacker decides to cause a nuclear meltdown.

What if the dead rose and tried to eat our brain?

There are over 100 different ways to which the human race can become extinct but the fear of dying is our friend. We are survivors!

Save this page. Learn this page. Let this memory be your light when the world is at its darkest.

Essentials of Survival

Rule– Always travel light. (This does not apply to Team Seal 6 Members)

There is a 49% chance that you will need to travel for than 1000 miles to reach some kind of safety. There is a 51% chance that you will need to travel farther.

Your traveling bag must be light, strong, durable and waterproof.

Light bag prep.

Medication – Asthma, Pain, Diabetes, Antibiotics, bandages, gauze and whatever else you may need. 

Herbal Enhancements – Antibiotics expire or bacteria becomes resistant. We cannot rely on conventional remedies. One of the biggest killers of survivors are infected wounds. Easy to get and hard to get rid of.

You will need Tea Tree oil and Coconut oil. 1 part Tea Tree oil mixed with 4 parts Coconut oil. Store in a plastic bottle. This mixture will kill anything on the skin or body and not limited to STAPH, Herpes, Shingles or anything mother nature throws at us. I personally use this on my sclerosis. Works wonders with the scratching.

You will use this mixture as a ointment as soon as you or your family gets a cut, scrap, insect bite or sore.

So we have one medicine for the outside fighting bacteria and fungus what about the inside?

I use 2-3 drops Oregano Oil, 1 drop Black Seed Oil and 3 drops coconut oil as a buffer. The Oregano oil has a kick.


Oregano Oil is one of the strongest natural antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-everything. This bad boy kills Dengue, H1N1, African Flu and any other pathogen in the body. Yes, I believe Oregano can kill Ebola also. Will I get Ebola to test it. Nooo. If I get Ebola will i try to find Oregano Oil. Yess.

Now we are disease free from the Apocalypse what about Radiation?

Seaweed, Algae, Ashwagandha Root and Chlorella will help eliminate Radiation from the Thyroids and also helps in cell regeneration. I will not recommend Potassium Iodide. No chances of hurting the Thyroid. It’s important for survival.

Medical Check

A Solar-powered flashlight for each member of the family.

A Solar powered headlight for each member.

Waterproof boots for each member.

Waterproof Jacket & pants for each member.

Water purifying tablets & maybe a device. 

High Energy protein for everyone.

A flint stick, compass, all purpose handy tool, a hunting knife and a two way radio.

Apocalypse Day Travel Bag Check

Rule #2 – Analog is always BEST

A Tesla or Cyber Truck will never stand up to an EMP, Solar Burst or any huge magnetic pulse from space but you know what will?

Grandpa’s old diesel pickup truck which can start without a battery only a push.

That is exactly the type of vehicle you need to outfit to handle the chaos.

Remember when outfitting vehicles more torque than speed. The roads will not be clear and you will need to push debris aside. 

Vehicles must be raised for passing over water or broken roads.

Rule #3 Martial Law is not your friend

In the chaos you will be wary. You will want to find companionship. I strongly advise against calling out loudly for people or responding if you hear someone calling for help.

Stay quiet and investigate first. If 3/4 of the world is dead, murder is not a crime anymore. The money in your bank account have no value. The only thing of value is what you have on you. The same doomsday gear they called you crazy for buying.

Rule #4 You are a Scavenger!

You have seen the movies where people dig through garbage, rubble, venture into abandoned buildings and stores to find food, water, clothing, weapons, medication or working electronics. When you do this I want you to to be a Ninja. No unnecessary noise. You will use this axe as your companion.

Rule #5 Travel in open spaces at Night

Sounds scary but it’s not, once you understand that it is 99% safer to travel at night. Let your eyes adjust, after a few days of blackout you’ll see like cat.

The night sky will treat you better than scorching midday sun.

Please rest between 11am – 2pm when the sun is at its hottest. This will also increase your survival chances greatly. The sun is very depleting of energy.

Rule #6 Keep moving

If you do happen to meet other survivors who do not try to kill you and you form a survival group of maybe 30 or 50. It is still not enough to guarantee survival of the human species unless the criteria is met :

1) Farmers 2) Hunters 3) Builders 4) Healers 5) Child-bearers 6) Educators

Rule #7 A fortress is better than a farmhouse

Game of thrones

Lord of the rings

All have high walls and mighty castles for protection and comfort.

When choosing a location to settle down and start over the best places are higher ground, mountain sides, inside a valley with fresh water nearby.

Set noise bobby traps (a string or vine tied to a bunch of empty cans as a tripwire) and always appoint a watch. Everyone cannot be asleep at the same time.

Asteroid Collision

There is not much we can do.

A big enough asteroid will destroy the world as we know it. Any asteroid that can destroy Texas or New York or London will start a chain of Mass Extinction events.

The heat, the dust and the shake will be felt all over the world. The asteroid may rip into the Earth’s inner core spewing black sulfur smoke into the sky. The sun will not be seen for months and a short Ice-age will grip the Earth.

The asteroid impact may have destroyed several nuclear power plants now the dust is radioactive and acid.

Greatest chance of survival is an underground bunker, air filtration system, food, water filtration system, books and movies.

Waiting for the dust to settle is your best option. Everything else will be misery.

Nuclear Fallout

In the event of World War III, EMP attacks or solar events, the entire world is at risk from Nuclear Reactors melting down and poisoning the earth.

The probability of Nuclear weapons being used for war is rather low compared to a Nuclear reactor core melting down causing a Fukushima global disaster.

In the event of a Nuclear meltdown we need to turn to the Russians for advice. The Russians are 20 years more advanced in Nuclear contamination control than any other nation.

In Chernobyl, the research team, the rescue team and Scientist smeared clay all over their bodies before putting on a radiation suit. People laughed. Decades later science reveal CLAY has an electric charge that holds on to radiation particles like a magnet on iron shavings.

Clay is one of your most formidable weapon against Radiation.

Your nuclear bunker should be buried in clay to give you maximum protection.

You can paste clay on the walls of your home to reduce 98% of Cell Tower radiation, Nuclear fallout radiation and solar radiation. (Clay roof for your home)

Radiation Suits are advised. A gas & radiation mask.

A geiger counter with a wide range of radiation types and can detect trace amounts of radiation.

You need to figure out the wind direction of the nuclear fallout.

Nuclear radiation travels with the wind. Stay clear of this path.

It will greatly increase your chance of Survival.

Eat as much high Chlorophyll foods as possible to start radiation detox of the body.

An old microwave can be used as cheap storage method against EMP or radiation for electronics like cell phones, radios and hard drives.

World World III survival

In the Event of WW3 the largest and most populated cities are at the highest risk of possible attacks. Financial Hubs, Military bases and hospitals will be prime targets in order to instill chaos.

Shipping ports and Airports will be attacked in order to cut you off from assistance, food supply and fuel.

Coastal cities will be invaded first.

The greatest chance of survival will inland with natural food vegetation and animals.


The chances are if you are reading this you maybe living very close to a fault line or working in a very high structure.

Do you know your Evacuation route?

Do you know where the stairwell is in your office building?

Have you ever taken the stairs before?

If not……. Tomorrow is the first test.

1) I want you to get from your office or class or whatever to either the staircase or outside. According to the size of the building you are in.

No running.

Check your time. 1 minute? 2 minutes? 3 minutes?

Let’s say you ran. It would be half the time.

Good thing for us an Earthquake does not just shake. It builds.

That 15 seconds or 30 seconds before destruction is your window to survival.

You need to use it crucially and without hesitation.

Who cares if it’s only a little shake and you are the first one out? False alarm. People may laugh at you. Call you scared. Remember if it was the doomsday Earthquake you would be alive .

Survivors survive and laughers laugh until shit get serious then they cry.

2) After you figure out your time I need you to go home and train your body to bring that time down. Squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, some good old fashioned push ups and pull ups.

I want you to condition yourself to move for the most important 2 minutes of your life.

Maybe you have a kid or two. How far can you carry them? I want you to take 20 lbs barbell and hold it tightly against you walk with it. Practice with your kids. Make it a family exercise.

Every three days or so go down the stairs in your building. When you are tired don’t be afraid to take the elevator.

This is a slow process but progress increases your chance at survival.

3) When outside look for safe zones where buildings cannot crash on you or signs fall on you.

Scared people is chaos. Stay away from crowds. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it is right.

4) Learn to ride a bicycle. It will be your fastest way out of the city.


You are on some beautiful beach in a tropical paradise or maybe just on the wrong coastline at the wrong time.

Tsunami incoming…

Higher ground or on top tall buildings is your best options.

If not accessible the biggest tree is your next option.

Rule – Always when vacationing or staying close to the coastline learn where the highest ground and the tallest building are. It is better to be 20 ft above sea level than  5 ft below.

Zombie Apocalypse Mayhem

In the busy streets of New York City’s Time Square, 1 Million people walk around you when suddenly out of nowhere a man dives on the woman walking next to you. You hear her scream. You see him biting down on her neck savagely like a pitbull mauling away. Blood is everywhere. He turns up and looks at you. What do you do?

The likeliness of this happening to you is 50/50 but not in the way you envision.

Zombies are supernatural in nature and not scientific. Science will never replace godly powers. Witches raise the dead not scientist. He might raise one dead…..

The raising of the dead is spoken about in all religious text and it is a sign of the End of times.

The likeliness of a genetically superior race killing us out is rather high though.

China is leading the world in Genetic Engineering and they have already started trials and programs involving humans. We say they are experimenting. They say they are curing.

China will basically OWN the human DNA.

Imagine 18 years from now and 10 Million Super Soldiers. Zombie Apocalypse don’t sound so bad now.

How do you survive?

We’ll have to figure that one out together because I do not know my friend.

I would also like to believe China is leading in Bioengineering. Viruses.

Infection Disease Outbreak

This is the least of my worries. I am not scared of any Super Virus. I trust my body. It is 100x more advanced than any computer system on the planet.

Your body have two types of defenses

1) Chemical 2) Kamikaze

Your Kamikaze white blood cells are pretty unstoppable. They kill themselves and the virus.

Supposedly, there is a H1N1 outbreak in my country of 1.5 Million people. 32 people dead so far. Is it African flu? Could be. Maybe chikungunya, who knows?

I have been seeing people with the flu for weeks. One month with the flu is crazy.

Is that you?

Listen to what happen to me and what I did. Try it if you are brave when you are sick.

Around November I got really sick for 3-4 days. I’m talking about fever, cold sweats, i’m shaking, I can barely breathe and pain in my joints. So much pain.

I had felt sick the day before but I paid no attention. A little sniffle and my throat started to scratch. I woke up the next day shivering.

It hit me fast and hard. 1 day warning.

First thing I did was take my Oregano mixture. 4 drops Oregano 3 drops coconut oil and 3 drops Black Seed oil but don’t take so much at one go. It’s strong start at 1 drop Oregano Oil and I drop Black seed. I drank the juice of 1 fresh lemon with salt.

I repeated this process four times for the day. I wanted a lot of Oregano Oil and Vitamin C in my body first before I exercise.

So i’m in pain but around 7pm that night I put on some Rock music and started warming up. 1 hour later 100 push ups, 100 squats, some shadow boxing, dancing and i’m sweating.

I couldn’t eat after because of I was vomiting.

No tablets.

Went to sleep. The next morning the fever was the same or maybe worse but the lymph nodes under my chin were swollen.

I was really happy. My body was working.

Repeated the process. One day later i’m feeling 50 times better.

H1N1 all around me and who knows what else.

I care not. Nor am I afraid of sick people. Doesn’t bother me.

The only chance of Survival from an infectious disease outbreak is your body’s health and it’s ability to respond.

You cannot have troops on the ground fighting and you are not feeding them. You give them no ammunition. If the enemy is using missiles you need to use missiles too.

Airborne Viral Outbreak

Pathogens that spread via lung function and have a shelf life of over 1 hour will disperse across the world very rapidly with little warning.

If the virus spreads while dormant in the host, the virus can then spread unknowingly across continents in a matter of hours undetected for days.

All it takes is one person to jump on a plane, connect to another flight and take a taxi home.

Airborne pathogens spread in the air conditioning system of infected areas/people.

I can tell you buy N95 masks, a hazmat suit and a breathing instrument but honestly if it’s everywhere I still think you’re gonna get it. There are labs that try to contain shit they know nothing about and it gets out.

You have to remember it is living. What does all living things want to do. LIVE. and freedom…..

Remedy to reduce viral infections of the lungs

1 Large pot of really boiling water.

More than a few drops of Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil & Basil oil.

Several cinnamon barks.

A spoon of menthol Crystals.

Mix in pot and let the whole family inhale the steam.

This will give the pathogens a very unfriendly environment to live.

Your body will do the rest.

Please drink lots of water to help flush out the dead virus in your bloodstream. Your kidneys will be on a strain and the extra two glasses of water will really help out the situation.

If the viral load goes unchecked your body will go into septic shock which is Bad!!!


What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. 

In other words, it’s your body’s overactive and toxic response to an infection.

Your immune system usually works to fight any germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites) to prevent infection. 

However, for reasons researchers don’t understand, sometimes the immune system stops fighting the “invaders,” and begins to turn on itself. 

This is the start of sepsis.

Some people are at higher risk of developing sepsis because they are at higher risk of contracting an infection. 

These include the very young, the very old, those with chronic illnesses, and those with a weakened or impaired immune system.

My dear Mothers out there. More than 75,000 children in U.S develop severe sepsis Each year.

A cut or scratch or maybe a insect bite gets infected. The minute your child develops a fever sepsis has started. You may think the flu is going around but it’s far more dangerous than that.

By the time you reach the hospital two days later your kids organs are already damaged because you didn’t know. Now you do.

Sepsis is slowly becoming the world’s worst killer. 

Protect your kids.

Alien Invasion

I give this a fairly high possibility.

God created the Universe in 7 days.

I have been alive for more than 7 days.

I wonder what else he created?

Let’s hope they are not as mean as us. Our survival is not guaranteed 

We enslave everything we can conquer.

In the event of an Alien invasion I do not know what do to do.

Be friends or enemies. 100% chance if they can reach us they are more advance. Technology, weapons and how they think.

I cannot begin to comprehend war with extraterrestrial creatures. Survival is minimal.

No advice given.

A.I or Robot Extinction

At the rate of our technical advancements, the human civilization is on the verge of cracking the code to an autonomous robotic life form that can think independently, interpret emotion and reflect said emotion.

We’ve seen the Terminator and the Matrix but can robots really cause the extinction of humanity?

Another question I cannot answer but does it make sense to prepare?


Big guns, EMP, signal jammer and a tank?

I think not.

A.I will most likely be created using Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Technology.

We see google pioneering that field we great ferocity.

The Flyers Club have an A.I program called Adam and Eve. It will be Open Source and it is set to feature two Autonomous Artificial Intelligence life forms that can update and fix each other.

No it has not started yet.

At the rate where every Tech company wants a piece of A.I, the possibility of a very intelligent Robot going rogue is extremely high.

I cannot say anything on survival from an Armageddon caused by Robots until we know how exactly how they are created and then we can find a weakness.

No advice given.

Emergency Childbirth Guidelines

Items needed

Gloves(if available)

Warm towels

Soft warm blanket for the baby

Thick string, clean shoelace, or sterile tape to tie off umbilical cord

Plastic bag for placenta

Something Sharp or a scissors.


Remember she will be in pain and she will be scared. A post apocalyptic situation will not make it easy for her.

The baby will come when it’s time without warning.

Let her assume the position and wait for that baby to come.

Do not pull on the head to take him out.

After delivery hold the baby one hand under the head and the other hand with the feet.

Make sure the head is slightly lower than the feet. This is to remove liquid from the nose and throat.

Do not cut the umbilical cord. It should be pulsating which is an indication that the baby is still receiving oxygen from the mother.

If the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck and the baby is pale and limp.  Do not be frightened. Gently unwrap the cord. Rub the baby’s skin and back with a warm towel.

If the baby does not breathe, place the baby on the back the gently rub the chest and tap under the feet. 

If the baby still does not breathe start mouth to nose-mouth resuscitation.

When the baby starts breathing wait for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating.

When the umbilical cord stops pulsating tie off 4 inches away from the baby with a thick string or shoelace or whatever you have.

Check 2 inches after the first tie off and make another tie.

Cut between the 2 ties.

Wrap your baby in that soft warm blanket and give him or her to the mother.

Congratulations you did it!! 



Doomsday is upon us and chaos reigns supreme. I have given you all my knowledge and wisdom to carry you throughout your journey during the Apocalypse.

You can now face Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Fallouts, Infectious Disease outbreaks and anything else the Universe throws at you without fear.

We created a Worldwide survival group inside Flyers Club in hopes that we can become a global community who has each other backs.

Wouldn’t you love to have a friend who lives on a Caribbean island who has your back? Who will Welcome you with arms wide out in the event of a Nuclear fallout? Or War? Disease?

We welcome you to join the best travel community in the world here.

If you are looking for the safest vacation check out our Best Caribbean island article.

Thanks for coming.

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Sean Dalipsingh is the CEO/Founder of Flyers Club. He is a sometimes fictional horror and fantasy writer, sometimes BlockChain developer. He loves adventure travel and is considered to be on the wild side. He believes in philanthropy and saving the world.

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