Flyers Club Coin

Cashless travel without the hassle

What is Flyers Club Coin?

Flyers Club Coin is our native ERC-20 cryptocurrency at the heart of the Flyers Club ecosystem. 

FCC represents a voice, a vote, our worth, our community payment gateway, our ad network, our social media network, our ClubHouse and anything else our community comes up with.

There are 27.5 Million FCC in total. 

ERC-20 Contract address 0x0345a5f4d8717c4293bb855adff6fbb9b9fd30de

Review our code here.

Use Cases

Store of Value

We learnt a thing or two from Apple and how they treat investors.
Expect a 3% dividend payout from profits.

A Shareholder Vote

The voting system of the Flyers Club comprises of 27.5 Million Votes.
As part of a decentralized community only together we are strong.

For Travel

When you use FCC for purchase we waive our 12.5% commission charge.
You also pay Zero fees.

Institutional Investor Incentives
1% shareholders earn a higher dividend yield

1% shareholders accounts are waived 33% of all fees

1% shareholders get 33% off on our Ad network

Our Products

Social Media

The Flyers Club International travel app connects travelers with local tour guides from around the world. The main focus is to become the largest travel group in the world.

The ClubHouse

The Flyers ClubHouse is our global travel center for tours, vacation rentals, car rentals and flights.

Advertising Network

We connect advertisers with the right audience across our networks.

Coming soon...

FC Pay

A community payment gateway powered by Bitcoin & FCC reducing money transfer charges to less than 1%.

Flyers Club Cafe

A global restaurant chain featuring gourmet dishes from around the world.
"Eat around the world in a day"

Flyers TV

A streaming network with several channels focusing on kids, teenagers & adults.


A BlockChain based Identification containing medical records and financials. Unhackable and immutable it will be safest way to move with travel documents.

FC Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance designed to protect you & your loved ones from getting denied the medical care you deserve in any country.

Online Store

An online shopping store similar to that of Amazon but with cheaper fees and less commission for sales.

Our Mission

To create a world where anyone, anywhere can travel free of fear and anxiety, ultimately leading to the most memorable moments in life.

Where do I buy FCC?

Flyers Club Coin can be purchased right here on our main site.

A sales representative will contact within a few hours after purchase.

Have your ETH address ready.

Instructions are very easy.

"At Flyers Club trading is not our top priority, building a successful ecosystem is but if we were to choose..."

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