ICYMI: Trinidad is the most Epic Caribbean adventure

ICYMI: Trinidad is the most Epic Caribbean adventure

Experience an island filled with Culture & Beauty. An infusion of foods ranging from Asia, Africa & Europe. A cosmopolitan nation with a heritage dating back to the days of Christopher Columbus.

No other Caribbean island parties like Trinidad.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world can be found here.

Here is Nicki Minaj representing her country with a music video recreating one of our biggest events(Carnival).

We love to party in the streets!

Some Info

The small island has a rich history with the first human settlement around 4000 BCE. Christopher Columbus found Trinidad in 1498. Through the centuries, the island has been inhabited by native Amerindians, Spaniards, British, French, African, Pirates & Chinese merchants.

Trinidad is the southernmost island in the Caribbean and lies a few miles off the northeastern coast of Venezuela.

Trinidad is also known as the “Rainbow Country”.

There is a wide range of ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

We have almost all the Holidays the world has to offer. We celebrate everything!!!

Our Biggest Event Carnival

The Road to Carnival unofficially starts January 1st every year and ends on Ash Wednesday. To some the notion that carnival ends is ludacris.

There are numerous cultural events and parties that lead up to the street parade on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is also celebrated in several cities across the world. These celebrations include Toronto’s Caribana, Houston Carifest, London’s Notting Hill Carnival, New York City’s Labor Day Carnival & Miami’s Miami Carnival.

The featured music are Soca, Calypso and Steelpan(Steel Drum).

The island loves to drink. Believe it or not being a non-drinker is somewhat taboo.

The events are crazy with scantily clad men and women and is not recommended for the faint hearted.

The perfect destination for Spring Break

Trinidad & Tobago is the perfect destination for spring break because we have the quintessential necessities to be unforgettably spring break-worthy.

  1. We are Cheap!
  2.  Sun
  3. Beaches, Rivers & Mountains
  4. Lots of Alcohol
  5. Insane Parties & Music festivals
  6. The best tasting food in the world!!!
  7. A small bar can be found anywhere on the island
  8. Adventure

The nightlife almost always end with a visit to the beach.

Our Beaches

Trinidad is not as well known as tobago for incredibly blue waters. Instead you will find translucent waters with a green tinge.

The waters surrounding Trinidad is a biodiverse tropical heaven for fishes due to the fact that the island lies so close to the Orinoco river which provides vital nutrients for the ocean. 

The best beaches can be found on the northern side facing the Caribbean Sea.

Macqueripe bay, Maracas bay, Tyrico bay, Las Cuevas bay and Toco beach.

Gentle Prehistoric Dinosaurs

Leatherback Turtle

The leatherback turtle is the largest living turtle on the planet.

Nesting season in Trinidad takes place from March 1 to August 31 every year. Babies are born 2 months after.

Nesting sites are located @ San Souci, Matura beach, Manzanilla beach & Grand Riviere.

West Indian Manatee

The West Indian manatee or sea cow is the largest surviving member of the aquatic mammal order Sirenia. 

The Manatee can be found around the coastal region and swamps of Trinidad.

The most Biodiverse and Ecotourism friendly destination

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is an estuarine ecosystem comprising 5,600 hectares of mangrove forest and herbaceous marsh, interrupted by numerous channels, brackish and saline lagoons.

This is more than a wildlife sanctuary, it is home to more than 100 species of birds.

A birdwatcher’s paradise…

Asa Wright Nature Centre

The Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge is a nature resort and research centre in the Arima Valley of the Northern Range in Trinidad and Tobago.

The centre is one of the top birdwatching spots in the World; a total of 250 species of birds have been recorded there.

The centre is one of the most biodiverse areas in the West Indies.

Another birdwatcher’s paradise.

Hiking and Mountain Biking Fun

The Northern Range of Trinidad is a semi mountainous dense tropical forest filled with small waterfalls, rivers and life.

The trails are intermediate and you will need some endurance to truly enjoy.

Paria Bay and waterfall is a secluded location that needs some effort to see.

L’ Eau Michel Mud Volcano

The L’eau Michel Mud Volcano is a geological wonder.

Made of herrera sands, grey silty clays, and lignite beds this mud volcano is semi solid and liquid enough for a dip.

The mudflow emerging from the Volcano flows horizontally and surfacing out of its active vents are air bubbles.

There are fabled tales from the native Amerindian tribes of it’s healing properties for the skin.

La brea Pitch Lake

The Pitch Lake is the 8th wonder of the world and largest natural deposit of asphalt, estimated to contain 10 million tons.

The Pitch Lake has fascinated explorers and scientists, as well as attracting tourists since its re-discovery by Sir Walter Raleigh in his expedition there in 1595.

Cruises, Sailing and adventure sports


The northern peninsula of Trinidad and the heart of a nation.

Chaguaramas was used by the U.S in 1940 for WWII.

Chaguaramas has been the center of yachting activity in Trinidad.

“Down De Islands”

Down de Islands or Bocas del Dragón as it formally known is a mini archipelago between Trinidad and Venezuela.

Many boat parties take place here.

Gasparee Caves

Located on Gaspar Grande, the closest of islands, you will discover a natural limestone cave system with a mysterious pool at its base.

Legend has it that another cave on the island, William Dampier’s Tunnel, has a pirate’s treasure chest which is only accessible on certain days of the year.

Five Island Amusement Park

Trinidad and Tobago’s first amusement park.

Experience go kart race track, ropes course, trampoline park, surf simulator and roller skating,


Trinidad has a little something for everyone. You could be a wild party goer or a nature wildlife ecotourism lover and you both will have the most amazing vacation.

Singles, Couples or families, the island caters to all walks of life, religion or culture.

If you’re scared of taking the plunge we created the Guider Program specifically to give vacationers the option of getting to know the tour guides.

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