Stock Market vs Bitcoin vs Gold!
Will Cryptocurrency survive 2020/2021?

Stock market

***Disclaimer*** Ugly charts and squiggly lines used. Charts are still uncontested. This is not financial advice but my own opinion…..

The Stock market and Bitcoin's inverse correlation

Stock market

Where is the stock market going?

A retest of $3045-3070 USD is the likely scenario with the Target price of $3450 if the stock market surges upwards. I believe the SP500 will decide the direction of the stock market. A break of $3030usd will trigger a reversal. Sell!
Most of the U.S stock market is in full upswing. Stock market sentiment is at high and given the state of parabola I would be crazy to suggest that $3450 is a low target. Something more mystifying can happen. Remember the Stock market will move before the dollar.
The Stock Market is a hedge against inflation.

Is Gold worth your money?


Is this bitcoin?? Noo is gold but it looks like bitcoin did it first. The Stock market is set to surge which puts a lot of pressure on the gold market. I think it's going down here but i could be wrong. My target price is sub $1000 which makes Gold a really good short. The probability of this is 65%.


History tends to repeat itself!
Lets discuss the 35% chance of a double top

I am using the touchpad on my laptop. Sorry!! Chart is still uncontested!

Discussion over. The 35% chance looks beautiful. You may not agree with me but the ERA of gold is almost over. The Stock market is almost out of juice. Where do you go? Bitcoin is up next!

Is Bitcoin worth buying?


I am waiting for a monthly sell pulse before I Buy. I think you should also. I am 98% confident with this decision. A surge in the Stock Market will trigger a further bitcoin dump.

01/13/20 Bitcoin update

Bitcoin currently sits @ $8103 USD. The weekly sell pressure is now curling up and maybe we are about to enter into a buy signal but the difficulty of this trade is not for beginners or high leverage.

The monthly sell that i wanted to see has not fired. Bitcoin is currently holding  the 99 daily moving average on binance.

We saw that Bitcoin reacted positively to a possible WAR Between IRAN & USA.

I say it’s 50/50 on where Bitcoin goes. Up or Down. I am not trading at the moment.

I am a onlooker until I finish write some blogs.

I do not believe in stop losses….

Everytime I put a stop loss up on a crypto exchange it seems to make me lose money…..

I really want a $4100 Bitcoin. That’s my short target.

If bitcoin breaks out and starts pumping $11,600 USD first price to watch.

When she breaks 14k look for new ATHs and a retest.

Will the Cryptocurrency Market Survive in 2020/2021?

Who made the most constant money during the Gold Rush?
The people that sold the Shovels and Mining Equipment!
I am new to crypto when compared to the people who has been here since the beginning but it does not mean I am any less competent.
I have been with my own crypto project since june.
I have lost money in Centra on Binance, Bankera on spectrocoin, Cryptopia shut down and so much more.
I've also made tons of money.

What i can safely tell you with my heart is that I never expected Crypto Exchanges to charge so much money for a listing. How can a project grow, build and develop when 40% of their finance is spent to list on a big exchange? We could blame the project for poor Judgement or we can blame the space we are in. Unregulated!

30 BTC, 50 BTC and 100 BTC to list on an exchange? My heart has been very heavy since I started my own Crypto journey and what the Crypto Atmosphere has in stored for projects.
This is a money making game people. Maybe 5% of the crypto community is genuine and wants it to evolve into something beautiful.

It is my opinion that the Cryptocurrency Market will not survive.
When you have a developer of one of the best projects selling at top and buying at bottom you need to ask yourself. Is he a Developer or a Wall Street Broker? I intend on keeping 51% of my company. I can never see myself dumping at the top. That's why I am paying Dividends. That's why I structured my Crypto Company to resemble that of a top wall street company. I am willing to go to jail for any mistakes that i make with my company. How much other projects can make this claim?
I am not saying there is not a Pump and Dump left in the market but it is bleak considering the amount of people who have had negative results in the industry.
Do not invest in Crypto. That is my advice at the moment.
Let the industry sought itself out.
If you are new please heed my warning.
This industry is filled with Developers who are also Asset Managers.


The Stock market is showing signs that is wants to make a higher high. Wall Street Sentiment is very high which increase the probability of an upside swing.

The Gold market is very tricky with a 65% chance of a serious drop incoming. A 35% chance of a double top.

Bitcoin needs to sell more before I buy. Waiting for a monthly Sell pulse.

CryptoCurrency Market is full of deceit and manipulation. I would stay clear until opportunity arises.

What are your thoughts about the industry?????


Update 2021

Bitcoin Sell pulse came and now we have surpassed the ATH. The past shows that BTC grows exponentially after crossing the all time high. The greatest note to take is that the growth was reduced by 20-25%. The next ATH target is $220,000 - $235,000 USD.

Not saying it's going Straight up but it will be there in time to come. Also $9000USD a Bitcoin is a very important number to remember. That's the short Target or bear market target.

Crypto Looks like a buy and a dump when you make money.
No Hodling!!!

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