The Guider Program

The Guider Program

The Guider program is a peer-to-peer tour guide service offered by Flyers Club on our Social networking site.

The Guider program enables users to choose, connect and share their travel experiences on an international scale giving the user a variety of options based on the desired location and multiple personality traits.

Users will be able to create a listing of services, independently price their services and share past experiences through their Flyers Club profile for you the user to make an informed decision on the best vacation of your life.

The Guider program will empower all Flyers Club users across the globe with the ability to meet like-minded tour guides who can provide the best travel experience possible.

Key features of the Guider Program

  • Safety & Security.(Verification and our BlockChain based identity – MyFlyerID.)
  • A dynamic search algorithm. (Age, drinking, partying, nature, skiing, hiking, playing pool, nuclear physics, etc.)
  • Independent pricing based on the individual. ( A day with Justin Bieber in Hollywood vs A day in the Amazon Jungle with a local.)
  • A community profile showing post, pictures and videos of past experiences on tours with families, couples or singles.
  • A review point system for both users.

Fee Structure

The Flyers Club was created with a few goals in mind.

One of them was to put more money into our Users/Community pockets.

The user will be able to choose any price per hour, day or week.

The % is yet to be determined because of Insurance Cost.

How to register

The full program launch is schedule for early 2021.

Community Registration is open.

Register here and get to know your fellow Flyers.

Updates will follow.

#Makemoney Registered & Protected