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What is Causing the destruction of Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful island in the Caribbean filled with people who love to enjoy life to the fullest. It is a vacation paradise not only because of the wild parties and pristine beaches but it is also one of the most Biodiverse habitat in the world.

Underneath the surface of this beauty lies a nation that stands divided through political sabotage from individuals that reigned through the decades.

The Trinidad and Tobago currency TTD has lost 69% percent of its’ value since the nations Independence.

Tourism is one of the least in the Caribbean.

This little island of 1.5 Million people has had 1000’s of people that have made a serious impact on the world. without the support of the nation or the government.

Trinidad and Tobago is ranked #3 in the countries that have been hit the hardest by global migration. 99% of the overachievers has left this county in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s to seek their dreams elsewhere.

The rich sends their children away for a greater opportunity.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you my opinion and my story.

Listen Carefully.

My Story

For the last 18 months of my life I have been hard at work on project that I cannot do alone.

I live on a farm in Cumuto with a regular Green Dot internet connection.

I am self taught in 80% of the things that I know.

This is my website. This is my app. Available in all the countries of the world and translated in over 25 languages.

I have been promoting Trinidad and Tobago, Carnival 2020 and the Flyers Club International across the globe. I have had visitors from Dubai, Japan, Russian, South Korea, UK, USA, Canada and India.

I am also Competing against Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple in the arena of Technology.

If you do not know these companies are worth over 3 Trillion USD together and pay  Billions in taxes a year.

1% of Facebook brings me 9 Billion dollars. I personally like the odds.

The Flyers Club International main focus is Business, Travel and Dating. I have free Aircraft, Boat, Exotic Cars and Real Estate listing. I am creating a community for people who want to spread their wings internationally whether it’s Business Oriented or adventure oriented.

Is that not the kind of people we want in Trinidad and Tobago as a Tourist?

What other ways are we generating revenue?


A Lesson to a Nation

One of my Billionaire mentors gave me one of the most important lessons in success.

Organic growth is more important than advertising growth.

Think about it?

When you plant a tree it’s very hard to get it going. A tree that appears out of nowhere is the hardest thing to get rid of.

That’s the difference between  you finding someone and someone finding you.

And the lesson goes

“I have this friend, we never did business together but he knew what I did but he never knew how I did it or how much I charge.”

“Is he a good friend?” asked the reporter.

“Yes he is but he never once mentioned he was having problems. So, he calls me up one day and says I need to your. And I thought to myself what could be possibly wrong I had just seen him the week before.”

“So how long did it take you before you saw him?”

“About two weeks later I finally met him in his office. He Had a bunch of papers to show me. Financials. I told him I don’t want to see that. What is the problem?”

“What was the problem?”

“He said he had been spending money on advertising, building new warehouses and hiring workers but the company just not taking off like he wants. He’s lacking something but he doesn’t know what. I told him 16 Million.”

“What did he say?”

“What else can you say? And in 1984, 16 Million is a lot of money. Let me tell you something if you are good at something do not do it for free and if you are really really good at something people will not have a problem paying.”

“Okay, so 16 Million. What do you do next?”

“Well, the first thing I told him is that I cannot give him a time. It could take 1 year or 5 years and when I am done I will come and see you. I don’t want to hear about this when we playing golf.”

“How long did it take to complete?”

“It took me around 18 months to complete the investigation and the results really surprised me. I am seeing all around now but back then this was my first case like this.”

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t do much to be honest. I was busy touring the world and making money doing public speaking. In the 18 months I sent 30 people I hand picked and I knew that they would be an asset to his company. It didn’t matter if they graduated high school or dropped out of college. Talent is Talent.”

“Is any of those individuals still working there today, 2017?”

“Hahahaha, Nooo. None never made it through the door which surprised me greatly. I mean these people could speak, very intelligent and ambitious and got nowhere.”


“Yesss and I even told 3 or 4 to say I sent you.”

“And none made it into the company?”

“NO! And all the stories were the same. So I went back and saw my friend. I Told him I had Three questions for him.”

“After 18 months you only had three questions. Anything else to show?”

“No, I didn’t need to. I knew what was the problem and how to solve it.”

“So what are the questions?”

“1) Is the security guard at the door a human resource profession or a talent scout? He didn’t answer. 2) Is the receptionist at the front desk there to greet people or evaluate their competency? He didn’t answer. 3) What is the job description of your secretary? He didn’t answer.

I sent 30 people who I had hand picked to apply for a job here. They were never supposed to be turned down. They didn’t even get 1 minute of your time or a phone call to comeback. Didn’t you just hire again? 1 Guy even made it to your secretary and she shut him down. Now I am not blaming the secretary because she has her job to do.”

“So what did you tell him to do?”

“I told him he need to pay these people more and he needed to hire special people to deal with Walk-ins. Walk-ins are the most important growth to a company. Walk-ins are organic and organic in any aspect of business is good.”

“So that’s the moral of the story?”

“No! The moral of the story is it doesn’t matter how big you build your business if your door is closed no one is getting in.”

“So you’re saying that his door was closed?”

“His door was shut! He cannot blame the secretary or security guard because they don’t know better. They don’t have his 500 Million dollars. They will never think like him so why is he leaving that option up to them?”

“So what is the moral of this Story?”

“If you want to grow you have to keep that door open. Anytime that door is closed you are in big problems. As Business owner it is your duty to keep that door open because you never know who is going to walk through it. One of the boys I sent to him later founded Google. You never know who is gonna be who.”

“Okay, thanks for the interview.”

The Door is closed in Trinidad and Tobago

I can 250% guarantee that the door is closed in Trinidad and Tobago. 

My project Flyers Club International is one of the best websites in the world.

Trinidad and Tobago can use the dating feature for free.

Facebook has a Google Authority rank of 100. This website you are on is currently rated at 14.

Facebook loads in less than 2 Second. Flyers Club loads in less than 2 seconds.

Facebook is worth 870 Billion Dollars. Flyers Club International is going bankrupt.

6-12 months from now I will be in the top 100 websites of the world.

I have been promoting Trinidad and Tobago all over the world. I wanted Carnival 2020 to be EPIC!

I really wanted to bring 50K people instead of canceling the 20 booking I already have to come TnT.

It is only me. I have no help. A single Trinidadian against Billion Dollar Corporations.

Examples of how the Door is closed

1. I have been to the Ministry of Tourism 4 times now. The first time a security guard tried his best to help me and put me on to a guy in a suit. He took my #, told me he is very busy and escorted me to the elevator. 

Waited 20 mins for 1 minute of someone’s time.

I went there time and time again and not a single person gave me two minutes of time. Everyone was extremely busy.

On the fourth visit I stayed there for around 1 hour and hassled everyone I saw walking about. No one cared. Finally A woman said write the Minister.

Three weeks and waiting. My project is lame! It’s not like people in Russian know Flyers Club International or Singapore.

2. I’ve been to the National Carnival Commission 3 times already only to speak to the receptionist. No one inside the office wanted to talk to me. Fine. If Carnival Bust I blaming them not myself because I am trying.

3. I went to the Office of the Prime Minister twice. I was told to call or send an email. Yea I sent a bunch of people emails in Trinidad. No one ever gets them. My friend in South Korea gets them though.

On the Second Visit about three weeks ago I was told to White Hall. A lady at White Hall sent me back to the O.P.M

I finally met a lady who clearly thought I was wasting her time. She giggled at me when I said I was competing against Facebook. She didn’t even ask me how??? Only laughed at me. Made me feel really low….

Talk about a soul crushing moment.

I do not mind you laugh at me but you must know everything before you begin laughing.

“Sean, How do you plan on crushing Facebook and Google?” That’s an intelligent question.

Let me tell you how I plan on crushing Facebook and Google.

Flyers Club International secret weapon is BlockChain Technology. It is the hottest topic in the Tech world.

I am working on a database to make all other Databases obsolete. Google the database experts is pushing ahead drastically with its Quantum program because they know that databases as we know it is already obsolete.

I keep having people tell me they are really busy. I have had 582 MySQL brute force attacks, 17 different hackers from around the world has tried to bring my project down. You do not see me complaining about how busy I am.

I have been at Business places where the BOSS has kept me for two hours only to tell his Secretary have him come back tomorrow. 

What’s the moral of my story. If you are from Trinidad and Tobago you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You do not need help or acknowledgement.

I have reporters accuse me of looking for free advertising when all I wanted to do is tell you, If you someone living in the bush can create a Facebook Competitor you can do anything my friend.


I understand my project does not warrant consideration from the Tourism Ministry or the Office of the Prime Minister. I understand that this website you are on right now is not good either. Google doesn’t know what it’s saying.

My biggest concern is not myself but if I am having this problem I can only imagine how much other people have gone through this problem also.

The door is closed for Innovation in this country. The door is closed for ambition in this country. The door is closed for determination in this country.

I’ll break it down don’t worry.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley the door is closed in Trinidad and Tobago Sir. If you can figure out a way to open that door it will be the single greatest achievement of any Political Leader in the world.

This country is full of talent and we are being suffocated.

About the author: Sean Dalipsingh
Sean Dalipsingh is the CEO/Founder of Flyers Club. He is a sometimes fictional horror and fantasy writer, sometimes BlockChain developer. He loves adventure travel and is considered to be on the wild side. He believes in philanthropy and saving the world.

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